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a small company that arose from its own long experience, hundreds of thousands of kilometers driven, countless conversations with rockers, bikers and motorcyclists from all over Europe and the desire for improvement.

Everywhere the same problems or negative characteristics of the existing vests were described.

Even from the security industry we were reported similar negative attributes.

Currently, the situation is as follows:

In order not to be without protection on the road, one is dependent on putting on thick protective motorcycle clothing, this means that the motor function is severely limited, it is uncomfortable and inside the jacket prevails quite quickly 60-70 degrees Celsius and we all know, where no water comes in - none comes out, so that in most cases, protective clothing is completely dispensed with, if the first weather impression allows it.

This leads to the fact that any accident protection is renounced and one is delivered so to the weather conditions. Now the hope goes along, not to get unexpectedly into a storm.

With leather or jeans vests, you are at the mercy of the weather, the vests soak in precipitation and dry only slowly. In addition, a jeans vest fades in the sun and loses its color, while a leather vest weighs 3 times as much and remains clammy and damp for several days. After drying out, it is then extremely stiff and very care-requiring.

Even when buying a conventional biker vest, you have to make sure to purchase the vest in 1-2 sizes more, so that you can wear protective motorcycle or weather clothing underneath without any problems, but this gives you a rather unattractive wearing image while you are on a meeting for the whole weekend or even longer. Furthermore, the freedom of movement suffers massively if you have to wear thick motorcycle or protective clothing underneath.

AraCord has made it its business to change this and after countless attempts has managed to develop a product that meets all requirements and is second to none.

In the following you can see a small list of features that you can expect with the purchase of an AraCord Vest Exclusive or AraCord Vest Special.

The features of an AraCord Biker Vest

    top design
    very low weight
    freedom of movement
    Lotoseffekt* (beading off precipitation of any kind)
    *Drops of water in the form of precipitation and rain have a tendency to minimize their surface area due to their high surface tension and therefore try to achieve a spherical shape. Upon contact with another surface, adhesion forces (forces of adhesion to the surface) act, resulting in wetting of the same.
    100% waterproof - no soaking by water possible
    abrasion & tear resistant
    very high stab & cut resistance
    SUN- Protection - no fading of the fabric possible
    not flammable
    high accident protection - from neck to hips due to the use of Kevlar (Aramid)
    does not conduct cold or heat
    integrated extension system - 6 cm or up to 2 sizes more

As further specials we have attached a collar protection, which ensures that it does not come to skin irritations by the leather and if you would like to have patches attached on the vest, does not have to be sewn through the inner lining

How  it all began...