Delivery time

General information
Our high-quality products are not mass-produced, they are manufactured in a factory. For this reason, depending on the order situation, there may be delays. You have to know before ordering.

Manufacturing Time
The production time depends on the respective order volume and is manufactured in sequence. Using a small calculation example, we show that waiting times of 4 - 6 weeks can occur.

So that we can offer and guarantee consistently high quality, we will not be rushed Before placing an order, everyone should be aware that it can occasionally take between 4 - 6 weeks for their product to arrive at their home.
Delivery Time
Our new manufacturing site is in Spain, so the delivery time will be extended accordingly. After completion, the product will be shipped without further delay and will be shipped directly. For Germany we ship your products as usual with DHL. Within Spain we will ship your products with Correos. The shipping costs will change as a result.