Biker vest (biker vest) from AraCord: What is it?

A biker vest is a sleeveless denim jacket or leather jacket. These biker vests are used within the biker scene as a symbol of affiliation to a particular motorcycle club (MC) or motorcycle friends(MF).

On the biker vests, so called patches are sewn on and signal every biker your origin and affiliation. Within the motorcycle scene, these biker vests have different positive and negative effects on the rest of society. Actually, a biker vest is supposed to be synonymous with a certain lifestyle and subculture, however, they are mostly misinterpreted. Some guys who have nothing to do with the actual biker scene, this subculture and the wearing of biker vests actually make a name for themselves and thus bring the whole scene into disrepute but that should not be the subject of this homepage.

Until now, you get biker vests that soak up in the rain and offer no protection in any falls or accidents, and you always have to buy them one or two sizes larger, because you have to plan on wearing a thick motorcycle jacket underneath to protect you from any weather.

With AraCord biker vest, biker vest you get unique features that every biker misses in the previous motorcycle vests. Now you can buy frocks that also makes real sense and is no longer necessary only for the patches.

The main features of the AraCord biker vest are:

Waterproof, abrasion resistant, sun-protected, windproof, lotos effect, tear proof, under a kilo in weight, temperature isulating and a high accident protection due to Kevlar.

This biker vests will be the constant companion of every biker.