List of products by brand Aracord - the hybrid clothing company

Created from Biker for Biker


is a company born out of firsthand experience, thousands of kilometers ridden, countless conversations with rockers, bikers, and motorcyclists from all across Europe, and the desire for improvement.

Everywhere, the same issues or negative aspects of existing vests were described. With leather or denim vests, one is completely exposed to all weather conditions. These vests soak up moisture in rainfall and dry slowly. Additionally, denim vests tend to fade significantly when dried in the sun, losing their color. On the other hand, a leather vest gains three times its weight, remaining damp and moist for several days. Once dried, it becomes extremely stiff and requires high maintenance.

Even during purchase, one must be mindful to buy a vest 1-2 sizes larger to comfortably wear protective motorcycle or weather gear underneath. However, this often results in an unflattering appearance while spending an entire weekend or even longer at an event.

AraCord has taken on the challenge to change this and after numerous attempts, succeeded in developing a product that meets all requirements and stands out from the rest.

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