Front view of the Aracord Vest Exclusive Diamond
  • Front view of the Aracord Vest Exclusive Diamond
  • Back view of the Aracord Vest Exclusive Diamond
  • Side View of the Aracord Vest Exclusive Diamond
  • Size Chart for Aracord Vest Exclusive Diamond

Diamond Cut Kevlar

Biker Vest Exclusive Diamond


Exclusive Diamond

The Aracord Vest Diamond is made specifically for bikers who want to take their motorcycle lifestyle to the next level in terms of looks. Motorcyclists, rockers, and two-wheeler enthusiasts like to keep it simple and freedom over wearing lots of clothes.

About this exclusive vest:
The leather areas on the chest and back of this special biker vest are hand-sewn using an elaborate Diamond Stitch technique. Great attention to detail was paid during the manufacturing process.

The Aracord features:
The tried-and-tested Aracord material mix of exclusive Nappa leather and unique hi-tech military fabric not only complement each other visually but also bring special properties and functions. They are further enhanced by an additional layer of high-quality aramid fiber (Kevlar). This ensures that the entire upper body is well protected not only from cooling down or overheating.

The Aracord Diamond Exclusive has a timeless straight cut and can be extended by 6 cm. It comes with a ventilation function and a glasses holder. 2 deep inner pockets and 2 chest pockets with closable flaps are standard. If you want to attach patches to the vest, you can sew them on invisibly without damaging the woven inner lining. A washable neck fleece also prevents skin irritation from contact with the leather collar, promoting comfortable wear of this exclusive biker vest for a long time.


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