Since 7 years, Aracord gives more freedom, flexibility & safety on roads of the world!

The exclusive Aracord vests with Kevlar

A special accessory, which was developed 100% from practical experience. Created from bikers for bikers!
In a complex and lengthy manufacturing process, our products are sewn exclusively by hand. In different designs and especially fitting cuts we support your lifestyle!

Take your rides without additional weather clothing!

Our products are waterproof and windproof. Temperature fluctuations are not felt by the upper body and the vests are very light in weight. Due to the special manufacturing process, a level of safety has been achieved that is unique in the world and stands up to any comparison. Of course, we know that this is a vest, but through our own years of experience, we were able to protect the entire upper body in the best possible way and exclusively highlight the cool biker look.
Aracord enriches your lifestyle in a unique way!

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